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In an RA Article, East End Dubs was talking about a technique that he uses to create his glichty texture background sounds:

He was actually using Vinyl Records and was cutting holes and lines into them to create rhythmic texture sounds out of it.

The good news is, that we can create similar sounds with a KONTAKT instrument called Vinyl Carving Station from Rattly and RAW.

The bad news is, as mentioned below: You need to have a full Version of Kontakt to run it.

But still, if you have Komplete 11 or 13, you already have the full Version of it.

So I believe it's a great little tool to have in our tool box for creating background textures for our ro-minimal & micro house tracks.



The other day I was jamming around in Ableton Live and with the MDD Snake Max For Live device. I came up with some interesting sounding basses that in my opinion sound like it's was created with a modular synth.

There are some main key ingridients that you need to know to create those kind of basses and I share them in the beginning of the video. The rest is just pure Jamming inside Ableton. I hope it still adds some value to your productions and inspires you somehow.

Little note: If you want to download the Ro-minimal Kick Ableton Live Rack for free, please click here

If you want to check out Syntorial, please click here (Affiliate link):



How do you usually start a mix down for your ro-minimal or micro house tracks?

If you don’t have a straight answer right off the bat this video is for you:

I show you 4 simple tools to analyse your production and bang out a step by step mixing plan for your mix down.

Hope it helps.

Cheers Silvano

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