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Mindset is everything, especially for creative people like we are. I always thought when I sit down in the studio, I need to produce something "release worthy". A guy named Il Gates inspired me to learn more about the creative mindset so I jumped on the internet to search books about.

I came up with one that became my "creative-bible" for my microhouse production game because it inspired and shaped my producer mindset like crazy.

In this video I wanted to share all my "golden nuggets" that I got out from those books.

Here are the three books:

Those 3 books took all the pressure from my creative work and I just create and I don't bother about the outcome...

Someone requested in the comment section that he tries to imitate a pad sound from Janerets track, he posted the exact link to it.

I don’t consider myself as the best sound designer. But I still like challenging stuff.. So I thought, ok, let’s give it a try.

So in this video you’ll see how I recreated the vibe and tonality of a pad from a janeret track called “Janeret - Journey [OMK001]”

You’ll also learn some golden nuggets about creativity and a thing called Imitated, then emulate.

I stumbled over this tool a few weeks ago and using it since than for my hi-hat patterns in Ableton.

The best part about is, that it's quite quick to create such patterns with the probability function and play direction. I even spiced it up a little bit with the "128s" function, which is basically an Instrument rack within a Drum Rack cell that contains 128 Hi-hat sample, assigned to a macro control so I can quickly switch between the samples.

Check the Video below if you want to see how to create it.

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