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Ro Minimal: Simple "formula" to smoothen out two different sections for a nicely flowing Arrangement

The other day someone reached out to me with the problem that he had that his ro minimal arrangement wasn’t flowing nicely.

A few days later I had a similar problem but I learned a simple formula a few weeks before, which actually works quite nicely to resolve the problem of two contrasting sections letting flow into each other nicely.

So in this first video in 2021 I wanted to share my experience about that and the formula itself with some audible examples. It’s stupid simple maybe you do it already.

But still, I think it’s a great little “formula” to keep in mind as a little helper in the back of our mind so we quickly can resolve that problem if it pops up in future productions.

I hope it helps and I hope you have a great start into 2021!

I also wanted to say thank you deeply from my heart that you spend some time on my YT channel.

All my best wishes to you and happy music making!

Cheers Silvano

All the best

Cheers Silvano


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