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Ro-minimal / Micro House: How to create Texture & Atmos out of every sound source

The other day I was looking for new ways to create some pad-like Background textures and atmosphere sounds that are often heard in ro-minimal tracks.

I stumbled across the Stand alone Software from Audiobulb which is called “Ambient”.

It’s really simple and fun to use and creates quite fast results.

In the video I was using a synth loop from a Silat Beksi sample pack and also a random nylon guitar sample.

The guitar sample created some very interesting stuff that is useful for background Textures and so on and I wasn’t even touching any keys or anything.

So, If you want to see this "jam like video", click on the link.

Hope you like it.

Please let me know how you create your textures and atmos?

What tools do you use?


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