Ro-minimal / Micro House: Why I prefer to pay (full price) for plugins - 3 thoughts

End of summer deal, 50% off and what not wants to trick us to buy new plugins...

But what is actually the trigger to buy those kind of deals?

Is it the actually NEED or is it just because this thing is discounted?

If one wanted it anyway, and planed to buy it anyway ok, go for it with the discounted offer.

But what I found is, that I often purchased such things without even much of a thinking, it was just an impulsive buy.

And I didn't even used it as much as I probably would have if I paid the full price for it.

Ohh...and then there are all those CRACKED plugin bundles, that we could get just for FREE, at a fingertip I guess.

SOOOO MANY OPTIONS...Soo much overwhelm. But do we really need all the waves bundles, the soundtoys, all the synth plugins etc.?

What I found for myself was, that buying plugins