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Ro-minimal / Micro house: 3 Tips for more impact on your Claps / Snare drums

Hey there.

Often time we can listen to a ro-minimal or micro house track and think: "hmm, there's something missing, but the kick and bass and the low-end in general sounds already there".

So what's the missing piece then? I found out that it often is the clap that is too weak and could need a little more "beef".

In this Tutorial I show you how I did this on Bexu's track.

You'll learn:

  • How you can beef up a weak clap

  • How you can make a minimalistic drum track sounding fuller (Which consists only of a few individuall drum tracks like kick, clap, some hats)

  • How M/S EQ-ing can tighten up a clap and bring more impact

If you want to learn more about low-end balance, please check my low-end checklist:


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