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Ro-minimal / Micro House: Less is more: Sort your Library for a faster workflow and more inspiration

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The other day I sat down for 30-45min to actually go through my samples. I was actually surprised at how many I didn’t really like, especially full drum loops.

What I did was, I just cut out the good parts from those loops and also went through some of the one shot samples that I stored in a random folder on my computer. I then added all samples that I actually loved into a strategically linked library to Ableton Live for easy access.

Like ill Gates (a Ninja for workflow in Ableton and inventor of the famous 128’s (instrument inside a drum rack system)) once said in a Masterclass:

“What we really need to learn in music production is Workflow and Arrangement.

And honestly, I see people struggle with that the most, me included. For most people it’s fun to come up and play around with an 8 Bar loop but turning it into a full interesting track, that’s where it gets trickier.

Anyway, I hope this framework strategy of organising your samples sparks some inspiration. See it as some sort of an “advice buffet”.

Just take out the bites that work for you.

Hope it helps.

All the best

Cheers Silvano


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