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 Specialized in Ro-minimal 
 and  Micro House  Mastering 
Some clients that I mastered for:
caLLy / Coriesu / Yuda / Microlab / Sebastian Eric / Ribo / Bexu / VLF / Raltz / Honne Music / Chklte / Dieru / Seism Production / 4Plae Records (Parsec) 
Standalone Records (Parsec) / Moett C / Asenn / Fyrone / AnaiD / Romenn  Dot13  and so on.
Some real-world client feedback:
(some are censored to keep privacy)
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Ruffn Studio Ro-minimal testimonial
Ruffin Studio testimonial
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Let's face it:


You spent 4-6 Hours or even more on the creative side to produce a masterpiece of art.



But the problem is, many people want to save money on the last stage of the production, and also on the wrong stage: Mastering.



Would you like to stand in the kitchen for 3-4 Hours, cooking the best meal that you love,  where the last stage of the recipe is to bake your food in the oven, and you fucking burn it?



How would you feel?

I bet, probably very angry and sad?



That's precisely what people do with doing their mastering on themselves or giving it to a bedroom producer which often haven't the right room acoustics and/or knowledge what and where to do things:


Screwing things up on the last stage. To sound professional, it should also be professionally mastered.


I often hear badly mastered tracks on Beatport, Bandcamp or Soundcloud. If Tracks aren't mastered right for example for Soundcloud, the top end will lack and is going to sound blurred. But there are many many other things to take care of... 

Don't mess this part up and spend a little money on this part, because your music will be out there forever.


I know it's way cooler to spend money on fancy gear (I do it too), but If you're going to listen to it back, after years, and always thinking "goddam why did I saved money on this last, crucial stage?"


It's probably going to annoying you whenever you hear back to your tracks in the future if they're badly mixed/mastered.


I would love to help you out on this stage:

I do mastering for:



  • Soundcloud


  • Youtube upload


  • Vinyl


  • Standard WAV File


Mixing / Mastering
These are "before and after" samples of some of my clients, please use Studio headphones to listen to. You can hear for several seconds playing the unprocessed and finished product in these files:
Sebastian Eric Revenire - Mastering
00:00 / 00:00
Glitech Pavel - Umbra - Mastering
00:00 / 00:00
VLF - Martor Delegat - Mastering
00:00 / 00:00
Microlab - In drum spre mare - Mastering
00:00 / 00:00
Yuda - Scara Richter - Mastering
00:00 / 00:00
Our work


After nearly 10 years of DJing alongside some big names like Nu Zau, Priku, Varhat, Lazare Hoche, Malin Genie, Julia Govor and many more, and producing music for more than six years, I realized that I became more and more passionate about the technical aspects of music production. 


That’s why I studied Audio Engineering in Bern, Switzerland, and after my graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to met new mentors. 


At Pointblank Music School LA I studied Mixing and Mastering and met my mentor Sameer Sengupta whom I work still closely together today to refine my skill set. He gives me advice for new tools and skills integration to work more efficiently and deliver more quality to the end product.


Sameer worked for DEFECTED, MINISTRY OF SOUND, UNIVERSAL, EMI, ATLANTA etc. and is now an Assistant at Howie Weinberg, which mastered tracks for Nirvana, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and so on. 


I had the pleasure to pick up Sameer's brain and his best skills in mixing and mastering and adapted them into my workflow. Who else should teach me the art of mastering? A random kid in a Youtube channel? Nope.


Mastering is more than just putting a limiter at the end of the Master bus.


Beside of studying at Pointblank, I worked for NARIP

(National Association of Recording Industry Professionals) who connects producers with music supervisors who chose background music for the next Netflix series, commercials or movies.

I also volunteered at LoLa Studios in Hollywood.


I worked on Tracks from Romanian artists like Bizar, Microlab, VLF, Sebastian Eric Yuda, Bexu, ICS etc. to name a few. I also recorded and mixed local bands in the past. 


My background and different influences and my specialization in underground House and Techno make me unique and set me apart from many other Studios and Engineers out there.  I know how tracks should sound on the dancefloor. Another advantage is, that I have the adapted skillset of an Engineer that proves quality in working at one of the best Mastering Studios in the world.


I feel grateful to help you stand out in the crowd with amazing mixes and masters and make them punchy and transparent.


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