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 Impress people, 
be proud and confident about your productions 
releasing club-ready, professional-sounding tracks 

Mixing & Mastering services 
 for underground Club Music 
Worked on artists projects like:
Cally, Coriesu, BEXU, Yuda, Livio & Roby (Dinsubsol),
Honne Music, S.O.N (OGE), Chklt, Dot13 (Trommel top 100 list)
Romenn, Asenn,

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Client Feedback:

Finally I'm proud of my work cause for the first time ever I can hear it at 100% of it's Potential

Petrut, Producer

The depth and width it's insane. Also the kick and bass are punchy as hell. I totally love it!

It's clean like the water in my glass! Love at first sight

Marque, Producer, Grainy Groove

My last masters from ruffin kick ass.

Thick, bouncy and tight sound, sounds big


Cat Black, Producer, Honne Music

Client feedback
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Mastering feedback
Ruffin Studio feedback
Ruffin Studio mastering feedback
Ruffin Studio Feedback ro-minimal micro house mastering
Ruffin Studio mastering review
Client feedback
Before and after sounds




Work with me
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How can I help?

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What Service are you interested in? (Currently, mixing & Mastering Service work I do only for a selected close circle of friends.

Thanks for your request.

About Ruffin Studio

If you want:

  • Professional sounding mixes

  • Have more brainpower for the creative part in the studio (producing)

  • not spending hours with technical stuff (EQ / compression / Kick - Bass balance etc.)

  • a well balanced mix that sounds good on all systems and especially on big Club PA's

  • Transparent & punchy Low's 

  • Mixes that sound like the one's from the "travelling DJ's"

  • Not always second guessing your decisions while mixing

  • upload and share tracks with confidence so that you know they sound great on a variety of speakers.


If you want:

  • Professional sounding releases (Digital / Vinyl) - Single track, VA, EP for label owners

  • Someone who listen to your mixes with a fresh set of ears and tweak your premaster so your track reaches it full potential

  • A Balanced sounding EP even if it comes from different producers (different room acoustics etc.)

  • A well balanced Master that sounds good on all systems and especially on big Club PA's

  • That extra percentage to reach your full potential

  • Impress friends, fans, label owners and stand out

  • upload and share tracks with confidence so that you know they sound great on a variety of speakers.


Even though, this page is named "about me" it shouldn't be about me at all. In the end, it's all about you and YOUR MUSIC

But if you still want to hear a little bit about my background, read on...

My biggest goal is to help producers and label owners to sound as the best as they possibly can and make the club experience to a better sounding place for DJ's and People on the Dance floor.

I was a resident DJ before at the Club Supermarket in Zurich. 

I started producing music, but drifted away in the technical jungle of music production (mixing/mastering). 

That's why I started reading books, taking tons of courses and soaking in everything I could on mixing and mastering, I'm obsessed with this shit!

In 2016/17 I finally got my Audio Engineering Degree, recorded & mixed some heavy metal bands, but honestly, I felt like cheating. Cheating to club music, my true passion. 


I wanted to learn more and thought its a great idea to move to Los Angeles to find mentors who can show me the secrets of mixing & mastering...

I had the best, most inspiring time there! 

I found Paris Minzer, a professional mastering nerd who became my mentor during my 8 months stay in LA. And Sameer Sengupta a mixing engineer with +20 years experience in mixing, worked for Defected, Universal, EMI and so on and I could ask my mentors questions about everything! 

They shared all of their secrets about mixing/mastering that they developed over their career. And I could adapt it all to my clients' projects and to yours!

In April 2018 I came back from LA and opened up my own studio.


I created my own workflow with special tools, some are inspired by my stay in LA and a lot of it is developed by myself by listening and mastering hundreds of ro-minimal & micro House tracks since I opened up Ruffin Studio.

The journey just started... 


I would love to meet and work with you, with people from the scene and make new friends to hopefully meet one day in person?

About Me
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